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Ulster County bridge repairs (October 9, 2011) 

Excavation is expected to begin Tuesday, October 11 to prepare for footings for a bridge to replace a blown out 8-foot-diameter culvert on the Big Indian-Oliverea Road about a mile beyond the Full Moon Resort. A 30-foot deep, 50-foot-wide chasm (that has become known as The Gap) was carved by a raging tributary of the Esopus Creek  August 28. This gigantic hole has disrupted traffic between Ulster and Sullivan Counties and has made it a challenge for people from the Big Indian side to get to work at Frost Valley YMCA and beyond. Ulster County DPW installed a temporary pedestrian bridge just upstream of The Gap so folks park their cars, walk down into the pit, cross the stream and up the other side, to be met by drivers who shuttle them to work.

Bob Graney, Bridge Supervisor for Ulster County DPW, said crews will spend about two weeks digging on both sides of The Gap before pouring the footings. A 66-foot steel bridge with a concrete deck will be installed (possibly with a walk/bike lane), and will hopefully be completed by mid-December, Graney said.

Hatchery Hollow, Burnham Hollow and Maben Hollow Bridges are also under repair off the Big Indian-Oliverea Road (Ulster County Rd. 47)

Meanwhile, Ulster DPW expects to pour footings Friday, October 14 for County Bridge #178 on Dry Brook Road. Known locally as the Sankavitch Bridge, it is about a quarter mile past the Dry Brook Community Hall in the Town of Hardenburgh. Completion is expected within three to four weeks.

As we reported earlier, New Century Construction will begin work this week on replacing the Arthur White bridge on Dry Brook Road in the Town of Middletown.  The goal is to have the bridge open to emergency service vehicles by December 24, with completion expected by January 14, 2012.

Bridge Street construction to begin in Margaretville  (October 8, 2011) 

The NYS DOT advised Margaretville Mayor Bill Stanton October 5 that work to repair flood damaged Bridge Street (State Route 30) in Margaretville is expected to begin next week. Shawn Early, DOT Engineer-in-Charge , said he anticipates issuing a job order by the close of business October 7 to Cobleskill Stone, which has a crew scheduled to be on site working by Wednesday or Thursday of next week.  “At this time weather does not appear to be a factor and we anticipate completing all repairs necessary to open the roadway on or before November 5, 2011,” Early said.

The Mayor noted that there has also been some movement towards getting the interior of the foundations of the Cheese Barrel Block on Main Street reinforced with plywood and timbers so that the buildings are secured against traffic vibrations. If an engineer signs off on this work, Code Enforcement Officer Pat Davis has indicated he will allow Main Street (NYS Route 30) in front of the block to be reopened. Mayor Stanton said Main Street must be reopened before winter to allow the state to plow Route 30 through the village.

A determination on how to repair the wall between the Cheese Barrel Block and the Binnekill Stream has not yet been made by the buildings’ owners.

Dry Brook Bridge Construction to Begin Next Week  (October 3, 2011)

Delaware County Public Works Superintendent Wayne Reynolds reports that New Century Construction LLC has been awarded the job of rebuilding the bridge on Dry Brook Road known as the Arthur White bridge.  There were four bidders, with the winning bid coming in at $2,324,000. A preconstruction meeting is scheduled for this Friday; work is to begin next week. The goal is to have the bridge open to emergency service vehicles by December 24, 2011 with completion expected by January 14, 2012.

Middletown Road Repairs Continue

MARGARETVILLE – Despite serious damage done to many roads and streets in the Townof Middletown and its two incorporated Villages during Sunday’s tropical storm, only four remain impassable, according to Town Highway Superintendent John Biruk.

Dry Brook Road, about four miles from Route 28 in Arkville, is closed due to a bridge washout. Delaware County Route 37 — the Fleischmanns-Halcott Road — is also closed because of bridge damage, but a temporary span is expected to be ready to carry emergency vehicles by Monday evening.

A compromised bridge has also closed Bridge Street in the Village of Fleischmanns.

Bridge Street in Margaretville is closed due to destruction of the roadway and washout of the bridge approach. The latter span is structurally secure, according to the NYS DOT.

A section of Main Street in Margaretville between Maple and Bridge is also closed.

With the Labor Day Weekend upon us, officials want to remind visitors and others that States of Emergency remains in effect in the Town of Middletown and in the two villages, meaning unnecessary travel is forbidden. If you must drive, exercise extreme caution because many roads have been reduced to one lane and have no shoulders. The potential for heavy rain exists for the weekend, which may cause problems on damaged roads.

Road repairs continue and closures may occur at any time as equipment and materials become available. The patience and understanding of motorists is appreciated.

Village of Margaretville

Main, Bridge and Fair Street have sustained the worst damage, but shoulders and sidewalks along other streets are torn up. Storm drains have been cleared, as have the channel of Bull Run Stream and the box culvert that carries it beneath Main Street.

The Village Park and the Pavilion came through relatively intact, and the park remains accessible to Freshtown workers cleaning out the supermarket.

Village of Fleischmanns

The heavily damaged bridge on Bridge Street connecting Wagner Avenue to Main has been removed and it will be several months before it is replaced, according to Trustee Todd Pascarella.

Traffic on Wagner Avenue is limited to those who need to be in the area. The Village Park is closed for the season because trees are being removed and work on the stream bank is in progress.

Main Street is in relatively good shape, as is the municipal parking lot. Municipal water and sewer systems are working fine.

Town of Middletown

The 120-foot bridge known locally as the Arthur White bridge, about four miles up Dry Brook Road from NYS Route 28 in Arkville at the Hardenburgh town line, is impassable.  Residents beyond that point must use Todd Mountain Road to get to Route 28. A new bridge is to be built this fall, with test borings slated to begin Tuesday.

A 200-foot section of Dry Brook Road between Thorn Road and George Road in the Town of Middletown was washed out during the storm, but it has been filled in and bermed, and is passable. A section of Dry Brook near Chris Long Road was to be filled in Friday.

Another major trouble area is Huckleberry Brook Road, which was torn up in several places where the raging stream escaped its banks and carved new channels. Highway Superintendent Biruk says the Town Highway Department is working hand in hand with Delaware County Soil & Water Conservation District (DCSWCD) to relocate the stream to its proper place. Each of those projects needs a permit from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), which has issued a total of 45 permits in Middletown, 19 of them for work on Huckleberry Brook. Permits are needed to make sure the job is done properly, and so that the Town can secure reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Stream channels at two sites on the Millbrook stream, and two on Dry Brook will also need relocating. One on the East Branch of the Delaware River in the Village of Margaretville is under review.

A make-shift road has been created to replace the dead-end Pavilion Road in Arkville, which was devastated by flood waters. This will allow mobile homes that were damaged or destroyed to be removed or repaired. A fire hydrant was to be moved Friday to allow permanent road repairs to be made.


There are no problems with Old Route 28 or the bridge in Clovesville. The pavement has been cleaned as much as possible to reduce dust.

A bank slide on Little Redkill Road and a hole in the road in Halcottsville have been repaired. Banks are being armored with rock so that fresh fill won’t wash away in the next high water event.

In Kelly Corners, East Hubbell Hill Road between NYS Route 30 and Frog Alley was blocked when flood waters deposited a garage in the middle of the road. That area was repaired Friday. A state-maintained bridge on Route 30 in that vicinity was reduced to one lane because the southeast corner was washed out, but is back to two lanes now. Cathleen VanValkenburgh, Highway Supervisor in the Delaware North residency of the NYS Department of Transportation (DOT), said that bridge was to be repaired Friday.

VanValkenburgh said part of the north lane on NYS Route 28 in Arkville was compromised and reduced to one lane, with a light installed to control traffic there. Repairs are complicated by proximity to water and sewer lines.

Biruk said 20 employees of Hubbell Inc. have been working with town road crews, and five privately owned dump trucks have been contracted to assist. The NYC DEP supplied two 10-wheel trucks Thursday. Three DOT crews from Chenango County and western New York are in the area assisting Delaware North crews in the repair of roads and bridges in Delaware and Schoharie Counties.

To report damage or get further information on recovery efforts, contact the Delaware County Emergency Operations Center at 607-746-9600.

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