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Appealing a FEMA rejection of your claim

Any FEMA decision can be appealed, in any category of FEMA and ONA (other needs assistance).

Decision letters from FEMA will have a date and a reason for the decision. Do not assume that the reason listed tells the whole story. Further information and clarification from FEMA Helpline (800) 621-3362 may be needed. Applicants can call and get this information. (This could spark a review and an appeal may not be needed)

All appeals must be in writing and must include:

    • Date
    • Name of applicant
    • Damaged Dwelling address
    • FEMA ID number and disaster number DR1894
    • Why the reason for the decision is incorrect
    • Substantiation and documentation
    • Verification documents such as receipts and contractor estimates must be dated, itemized and include the name and phone number of the vendor.

Keep in mind from FEMA perspective: Safe, Sanitary, Functional, Habitable

IF over the 60 day period from the date of the decision letter, include a statement as to why it is late.

Some acceptable reasons can include:

    • Illness, hospitalization or disability (clarify for FEMA)
    • Illness, hospitalization, disability or death of an immediate family member
    • Personal or business travel that kept them out of the area for the full 60 days
    • No contractors available to give estimates

Unacceptable reasons can include:

    • “I forgot”, “I didn’t know”

Time frames to provide requested documentation on continuing housing assistance are 90 days. On providing additional documentation another 30 days for a total of 120 days

Registrants have 12 months from the date of registration to provide insurance information for review.


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