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Ulster County bridge repairs

Excavation is expected to begin Tuesday, October 11 to prepare for footings for a bridge to replace a blown out 8-foot-diameter culvert on the Big Indian-Oliverea Road about a mile beyond the Full Moon Resort. A 30-foot deep, 50-foot-wide chasm (that has become known as The Gap) was carved by a raging tributary of the Esopus Creek  August 28. This gigantic hole has disrupted traffic between Ulster and Sullivan Counties and has made it a challenge for people from the Big Indian side to get to work at Frost Valley YMCA and beyond. Ulster County DPW installed a temporary pedestrian bridge just upstream of The Gap so folks park their cars, walk down into the pit, cross the stream and up the other side, to be met by drivers who shuttle them to work.

Bob Graney, Bridge Supervisor for Ulster County DPW, said crews will spend about two weeks digging on both sides of The Gap before pouring the footings. A 66-foot steel bridge with a concrete deck will be installed (possibly with a walk/bike lane), and will hopefully be completed by mid-December, Graney said.

Hatchery Hollow, Burnham Hollow and Maben Hollow Bridges are also under repair off the Big Indian-Oliverea Road (Ulster County Rd. 47)

Meanwhile, Ulster DPW expects to pour footings Friday, October 14 for County Bridge #178 on Dry Brook Road. Known locally as the Sankavitch Bridge, it is about a quarter mile past the Dry Brook Community Hall in the Town of Hardenburgh. Completion is expected within three to four weeks.

As we reported earlier, New Century Construction will begin work this week on replacing the Arthur White bridge on Dry Brook Road in the Town of Middletown.  The goal is to have the bridge open to emergency service vehicles by December 24, with completion expected by January 14, 2012.


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