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Major slide on Hog Mountain Road

The Town Highway crew has blocked access to the Denver side of Hog Mountain Road because a large section of hillside, 200 feet high and 100 feet wide, slid towards the valley Wednesday. Trees that had held the earth in place were washed downstream by the August 28 flood, creating instability that remains active, according to Highway Superintendent John Biruk. The roadbed dropped three to four inches, and in a couple of spots, the earth dropped 3 to 4 feet. Homes on Hog Mountain Road may still be accessed from the Fleischmanns side while it’s decided how to fix the problem.

Elsewhere, crews will be finishing rock walls on stream banks on Bruce Scudder and Millbrook Roads today. Tomorrow, they hope to have enough material in place to begin armoring stream banks in several locations on Huckleberry Brook Rod.


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