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Find peace and friends at Blue Deer Wednesday

Fire: A place to gather. A place to remember. A place to grieve. A place to
celebrate. A place to laugh. A place to sit quietly. A place of
community. A place of connection.

The Blue Deer Center invites everyone to gather around the fire Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 7 PM, at the Center, 1155 County Highway 6 (New Kingston Road.) Bring chocolate, a friend, a flashlight, and your best joke. They’ll provide the fire and chairs and a beautiful night to sit together.

The Center is 6 miles from Margaretville. From 28 take a right onto County Highway 6/New Kingston Road. Drive approximately 1 mile until you see stone pillars and a mosaic on your left. Turn into the driveway and park in the lot next to the two blue houses. Then walk to the stairwell between the blue house and the green yurt, to the lower field. Look for a large white tent structure on your left, affectionately known as the Fire Tent.


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