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Governor and State Volunteers Here Today

The effort to clean up stricken homes in Margaretville and Arkville will be augmented today, Sunday, by an estimated 150 state workers from Albany, who have volunteered this Labor Day Weekend under a “Labor for Your Neighbor” initiative promoted by Gov. Cuomo. The Governor will be joining them and a large contingent of National Guard members. We expect volunteers to arrive around 9:30, with Governor getting here at about 10:30 a.m. The command center for this effort will be the Village Park. Walmart will be supporting the work crews with food and water. The Kingston and Hudson Walmart managers are here with their staffs to donate and assist. Work will take place along upper Main from the village park entrance towards the Davis farm and at the school to clear any remaining debris and insure that all potentially hazardous material is removed before the start of school on Wednesday. Half of the volunteer workforce is expected to be deployed to Arkville.

If weather permits the Guard and volunteers will be working in Arkville. As you might know the weather forecast is not the best with heavy rains anticipated at this time arriving Monday. The boil water
requirement remains in effect. Travel will continue to be limited in and around the village.


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